Cara Mengedit dan Menambah Lyric Lagu dari Minilyrics

Saturday, October 6, 2012 | comments

Previously, I have problems in terms of editing a song lyrics. I used to use Minilyrics to get song lyrics, but sometimes the timing is not right with the songs that I have, whether it's slow or fast. And there's also the lyrics that can not be found by MiniLyrics, so I'm confused what to do. Well, now I will share how to edit a lyric from MiniLyrics software.

If you don't have the software, Donwload Here.

For the problem of "too fast or too slow" display lyrics, you just simply pressing the up or down to speed up or slow 0.5 seconds and save the lyrics after the match the timing of the song.  

For the problem of "no lyrics found", do not be discouraged. You can find the lyrics of your song and put their own self. How?
  1. Open Minilyrics or your media player that has been plugged in with Minilyrics, and play your song,
  2. In Minilyrics, go to View >> Lyrics Editor and there are the lyric editor window, if there are no lyric, it will blank below Offset info,
  3. Search the lyric of the song you want manually in Internet.
  4. Copy Paste below Offset info,
  5. For timing, just press F7 at begining of each lines,
  6. And finaly, save your lyric.
Hahaha, I know it just unimportant information that most people already know. But I just wanna share this article, because may be I will forget about this ting in the future. XD

~ Minna ~
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