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10 Greatness of Indonesia in the eyes of the World - Maybe we look at the State of Indonesia is always negative, but the State of Indonesia is not all negative. The proof is 10 Greatness Indonesia In the Eyes of the World is real, and we get on with it.

1. Star 50 Artificial PT PAL Indonesia is one of the best ships in the world.
Ship Star 50 has a length and width of 30.50m is 189.840m slah the best ship in the world to class and entirely the product of 50,000 tons design the children of Indonesia. Using local content 35% 45% with high quality ingredients. Azurite Onvest Ltd, British Virgin Iland, Singapore is one who ordered the ship of this type after Hong Kong (4 units), Germany (2 units), Turkey (2 units).

2. Toyota Kijang Innova, the most popular car in the United Arab Emirates. Fully manufactured in Indonesia.
United Arab Emirates, who would have thought that if the State brings a lot of the world of luxury cars, the Toyota Innova is precisely the most popular car in there. Amazingly there was no place in the world that produce this car than in Indonesia. Various Japanese automotive company quietly has put Indonesia as a production base for the Foreign country market which of course involves a lot of engineers and experts in Indonesia.

3. Airbridge (proboscis stairs toward the plane) airports world-famous first made ​​by PT Bukaka Teknik Utama, Indonesia.
You must know if Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridge (Airbridge) if first created by industrial companies in Indonesia, namely PT Bukaka Main technique. This company 'engaged in the manufacture Airbridge. At first the company was shaped a small workshop on an area of 3,000 m2 with a building area of ​​1000 m2 with 4 pieces of simple equipment such as welding machines, a lathe, a 65 KVA generator and some other equipment.

4. Mercedes Benz exhaust is made ​​in Indonesia (the industry is in Purbalingga).
Automobile exhaust industry who are in Purbalingga, was believed to be a supplier for manufacturers of Mercedes Benz assessed having good quality. German luxury company was ordered 1,000 units exhaust. This booking has been running since 2004. each exhaust consists of 2 parts. Perunit price of Rp 2 million. Recently the Mercy already booked again as many as 1,000 units of car exhaust series.

5. NATO soldier uniforms manufactured by PT Sritex, Solo, Central Java.
Buddies do not know if the military uniform North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in use hundreds of military members either Europe, America and Asia using artificial uniform manufacturer located in Skoharjo. Sritex products have been recognized to meet NATO standards that produce reliable member of NATO military uniform. The company also serves the manufacture of military uniforms for 25 countries (Indonesia, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus, England, Germany, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nepal, Oman, Qatar, Switzerland, etc.).

6. Being Gamelan School Curriculum In New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and the United States.
Gamelan has turned out to be one of the permanent curriculum in New Zealand School of Music (NZSM) with course code PERF250 - special Indonesian Gamelan. In th 2011 the number of students reached 23 people exceed the maximum limit is 18 people. In Singapore Gamelan made ​​as a compulsory subject in primary schools. While the Javanese Gamelan in America is well known in various flagship university, as in Berkley, San Jose University, Lewis and Clark College, Michigan, etc.. In Japan gamelan also already be a medium of teaching in universities.

7. International Brand Gucci and Christian Dior woven fabric raw materials native to Indonesia. 
International Brand Gucci and Christian Dior woven Indonesia considers very valuable because handmade (hand-made). That's what makes an international brand as they are willing to work together with Indonesian craftsmen and the pride of Indonesia to see the original fabric designer runway show on internationalmulai of Milan, Paris and London.

8. Bags made ​​in Indonesia Bagteria plastered in various upscale mall storefront in 32 countries.
Handbags brands is the work Bagteria Mrs. Nancy Go, an Indonesian woman Brazilian descent. With a capital of Rp 300 million in May 2000, he made ​​the bag-making workshop that is located in West Jakarta. Currently Bagteria brands in Europe and America has a par with Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Cristian Lacroix. Outside artists that use these bags include Paris Hilton, Zara of Philips (grandson of queen Elizabeth II), Emma Thomson, etc..

9. Kimilsungia, national flower of North Korea from Indonesia.
Name this flower was named by President Sukarno when giving a gift of flowers to the Kim Il Sung who's birthday and a visit to Indonesia, President Soekarno initiative to name orchids then comes the name "Kimilsungia" which is a combination of the name of Kim Il Sung and Indonesia. Since then the flower is used as the national flower of North Korea.

10. Batik Indonesia Global.
Batik has existed since ancient kingdoms in Indonesia, which is the first batik arts / crafts culture of the royal family, especially on the island of Java. Besides a batik designer Nusjirwan Tirtaamidjaja (Iwan Tirta) batik works favored and used by several heads of state like Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Sophie of Spain, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands and even Bill Clinton. 
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