10 Persiapan dan Langkah Awal Install Windows 7 (WIN7.ISO) dari FlashDisk

Thursday, September 27, 2012 | comments

For you that want to install Windows 7 from Flashdisk with ISO file... Here are some preparing step for install it...
Check this out...

Preparing File :
- MENU.LST (from Step 5)
- FiraDisk (folder, hasil Extract IASTOR.IMG)

Steps :

1. Set up a FlashDisk with minimum 4 - 8 GB, connect to PC.
2. Open bootice.exe, check at  "Part Manage",          
- "Start LBA" position must be at 63
                        - If not, use "ReFormat USB Disk",
- Select USB-HDD mode (Single Partition), the select Align to Cylinder, OK
- Choose FAT32, rename and OK,
- Wait until done, and then OK.
                        - ID position must be at 0B (FAT32)
                                    - If not, select "Change ID" to 0B, then OK
- Close for back to Main Menu, and then click “Process MBR
                       - Select GRUB4DOS 0.4.5b MBR lalu Install/Config dan Pilih Save to Disk
3. If Step 2 all done, close BOOTICE and put these file into FlashDisk
           - MENU.LST      - GRLDR
ATTENTION!! Be sure MENU.LST must content like this: (Check with NotePad or make new and save with name MENU.LST)
title Setup Windows from ISO to internal hard disk/nboot from ISO, load FiraDisk manually using command : devcon install firadisk/firadisk.inf root/firadisk
map --mem (md)0x800+4 (99)
map /win7.iso (222)
map (hd1) (hd0)
map (hd0) (hd1)
map --hook
write (99) [FiraDisk]\nStartOptions=cdrom,vmem=find:/win7.iso;\n\0
# boot from ISO
root (222)
pause Press any key . . .

title Boot from internal hard disk
map (hd1) (hd0)
map (hd0) (hd1)
map --hook
rootnoverify (hd0)
chainloader +1
pause Press any key . . .

4. Restart PC, take Boot Select (press F8 / F11 / Esc / F12 depending on MB), Choose USB for try that our FlashDisk can use for booting. If not, Back to Step 2. If done, take next step.
5. Turn on PC, entering windows as usual, and put these file into FlashDisk
- MENU.LST      - GRLDR           - WIN7.ISO        - FiraDisk (folder)          - devcon.exe
6. Do Defragment by opening Command Prompt (run-->cmd)
Drag and Drop File "contig.exe" from HDD to CMD, space once, Drag and Drop WIN7.ISO from FD to CMD, then Enter. Wait until Done.
7. If Done, Restart PC, Boot from USB, Choose Setup Windows from ISO to internal hard disk\nboot from ISO(Opsi 1), Enter
8. Wait until the following display:

           Press Shift+F10.
9. Find where your FlashDisk is, Type C: , Enter , type dir , Enter, then will be display the content of C:, If that is not your FD, try with D: then to E: etc.
10. After you found your FD, type these command:
devcon install firadisk\firadisk.inf root\firadisk 
please wait until done and type exit, Enter, Then continue the installation process Windows 7 as usual.

Sorry for my bad english... XD

~ Minna ~
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