10 Manfaat Air Putih Bagi Tubuh

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Many say, to be healthy then it cost me mahal.Jujur jargon is one of the opponents of "healthy is expensive" because the truth is not healthy is expensive, but "pain is expensive" because we can imagine what the cost of hospital care and medical medicines to restore us if we get sick?

Yet to maintain the health of it is quite simple and cheap, one is to drink enough water on a regular basis.

Why pure water?

Many may ask why the water? instead of "health drinks" which is said to contain lots of vitamins and it's delicious? medical reasons is because about 80 percent of the human body is composed of water, brain and blood has a water content above 90 percent, can we imagine what would happen to two of our vital organs if we are not meeting water input in our lives.

This above is also in line with that stated in the Quran verse 30 of Surat al-Anbiya, which reads: "And We created from water every living thing"

oiya why do we choose water instead of "health drinks" which contain lots of vitamins and taste delicious? the answer is easy, this is due to water your body needs pure water is H20, while the "health drinks" they will have dissolved various substances and compounds that are dissolved in it so that it can reduce the water content itself.

Benefits of water for health.
1. Relaxation effects, it is important for us that work full time, spend some time is approximately a few seconds to drink fresh water.
2. The digestive system, because the water's like an engine oil in our digestive.

3. Water helps inhibit the growth of carcinogenic substances in our body.

4. Water has a property to recover the energy, instead there is an article that includes tips on diet I've ever read says that drinking lots of water before and after meals to help the successful resolution of our diet.

5. To keseuburan men and women, the water is believed to increase testosterone production in men and estrogen in women, well so if you want harmonious domestic life and soon diamanahi baby, diligent, industrious monggo drinking water icon biggrin 10 benefits of water for the body.

6. Nourish the vital organs like the heart, skin, respiratory, intestinal, and reproductive.

7. Hot water can help dilation of blood vessels due to the hot water containing essential ions such as chlorine, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, and sulfate are efficacious dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation smooth.

8. In addition, hot water is also believed to be due to water heat stroke drugs believed effective in strengthening the muscles and ligaments as well as mempelancar blood circulatory system and respiratory.

9. Helped attenuate agency, this may be associated with points no 4.

10. PH neutral water is able mentralkan PH of the skin and in addition, cold water is also believed to help shrink the pores.

nah that's a few reasons why we are strongly advised to drink water regularly and it's also one of our strongest reasons to deny jargon "healthy is expensive"

Sorry for my bad english.
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