10 Fakultas Hukum Terbaik di Indonesia 2012

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2012, the author uses the method of approach through three aspects: the quality of graduates (graduate quality), quality of faculty (faculty quality) and top of mind. Graduate Quality occupied the highest point is 50% composed of Elite Firm Hiring (20%) are alumni who dihire by reputable law firm in Jakarta, National Reach (10%) are alumni who became a national figure, Big Companies Hiring (10%), the alumni who dihire by large companies, Leand Faculty Hiring (10%), followed by Faculty Quality (30%) consisting of the Facility, Lecturer and Student Ratio, Student Achievement and School of Management, and the last is Top of Mind (TOM) people of Indonesia (20%). Author TOM index measured by google pages by using the 3 (three) keywords.

In general, judging from the output (graduates), faculty of law can be divided into three types, namely the majority of alumni who work in the law firm (UI, ubuntu, UNPAR, TRISAKTI), in the corporate / firm (UI, ubuntu, UNPAR, TRISAKTI, UGM, UNAIR, UNDIP), and in state institutions (UI, UNHAS, UII, ubuntu, UGM, UNAIR, UNDIP). No need to linger longer, here are the 2012 Top 10 Law Schools in Indonesia, aka Top 10 Faculty of Law in Indonesia Year 2012, with record ratings apply only to the Bachelor (S1).

In 2012, the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia ("FH UI") was named as the author's best law schools throughout the archipelago. Even FH UI as one of the oldest law schools in Indonesia (established in 1898 under the name Recht Hoge School), but continue to develop themselves to follow the requirements and developments in society. As a faculty that has been long established, Faculty of Law University of Indonesia do not be lulled by "aging" and his name had long worn, but it continues and continues to improve themselves in various forms, such as improved quality of human teachers, improving facilities, and in cooperation with within and outside the country. The presence of faculty and graduates that benefit the whole society in this country, is currently being upgraded to touch the international field, starting from the existing market in the region, and will continue to grow. This is in accordance with the faculty's vision of international education. Several alumni of the region's already, and it opened up opportunities for the next layer to also enter the kepasaran.To date, graduates of this faculty, has played a part in the various fields of life, ranging from the government, judiciary, prosecutors, lawyers, to the active and dedicates itself to the institutions that directly promote the development of the community, such as environmental NGOs. Their presence gives its own color for every activity in this country. TOM Index is ranked first with a score of 38.57.Some of the civitas academica & FH Alumni Distinguished UI is Adnan quoted, Todung Mulya Lubis, Abdul Hakim Garuda Nusantara, Luhut M. Pangaribuan, Chandra Motik, Najwa Shihab, Harkristuti Harkrisnowo, Maria Farida Indrati, Nono Anwar Makarim, Hikmahanto Juwana, Jimly Asshiddiqie, Maruarar Siahaan, Chandra Hamzah, Hassan Wirajuda, Yusril Ihza Mahendra, Erman Rajagukguk, Marjono Reksodiputro, and much more.

Faculty of Law, University of Gadjah Mada ("FH UGM") moved up one ranking this year than last year because of changes in the ranking method. FH UGM is currently trying to build optimism to further contribute in improving the condition of the nation. As an institution of higher education in law, FH UGM continue to make improvements and improved in several aspects. In the field of education to provide scholarships for FH UGM 28.52% for the graduate program in 2011. To realize the vision of FH UGM as an international research faculty FH UGM has built a network of cooperation with 44 institutes in 19 countries and overseas institutions. The cooperation is mobilized in order to improve the quality of human resources human, financial and program planning, teaching and development of legal science. A number of activities undertaken in the form of research, joint publications, community service, workshops, and international seminars. To enhance the professionalism of human resources in the field of teaching, FH UGM took measures to encourage and facilitate the lecturers for further studies, provide scholarship assistance gradually, funding assistance to attend seminars, workshops, training of scientific dankegiatan other at home and abroad. To meet the ideal ratio of teachers than students, FH involving 113 people retired lecturer and legal practitioners from outside the UGM. Meanwhile, to equip students to be internationally oriented legal expert with the present 12 foreign lecturers. TOM index came in sixth with a score of 2.92.

Several alumni of FH UGM & civitas academica prominent among others Halim Alamsyah, Denny Indrayana, Febri Diansyah, Wicipto Setiadi, Gandjar Pranowo, Otto Hasibuan, Abdul Muktie Dawn, Refly Harun, James Purba, Sri Sultan Hamengkubowono X, and much more.

Along with the increasing popularity of FH UGM and changes in methods of approach, so this year the Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran ("FH ubuntu") is satisfied in the third position. FH ubuntu is one of the four faculties which became the forerunner of the University of Padjadjaran, as well as a basic identity of the University of Padjadjaran in doing business in the world of education. This is manifested in the determination of Scientific Basic Pattern (PIP) Padjadjaran University entitled "Majesty of Law and Development Environment in National Development". In its development, PIP is actualized in the development of International Law which became a reference for legal education across the Faculty of Law in Indonesia. Establishment of the Clinical Laboratory Law is also one characteristic of the Faculty of Law Unpad. Faculty of Law curriculum developed in the direction of learning Unpad Student Centered Learning (SCL) through a course-legal skills courses aimed at improving the quality of graduates of the Faculty of Law, University of Padjadjaran. Until now, FH ubuntu continues to make improvements in various aspects, including improving the quality of student and faculty input, increased facilities, improved management of faculty and improving the competitiveness of graduates in the workforce FH ubuntu. TOM index came in at fourth with a score of 4.91.

Some of the civitas academica & alumni of the famous FH ubuntu is Mochtar Kusumaatdmadja, Manan, Sri Soemantri, Romli Atmasasmita, Ahmad M. Ramli, Huala Adolf, Komariah Emong, Mieke Komar, Wahyuni ​​Bahar, Ruhut Sitompul, Donna Agnesia, Lelyana Santosa, Eman Suparman, and much more.

This year's ranking Airlangga University School of Law ("FH UNAIR") was up 3 ranks over the previous year. In addition because the FH UNAIR improve itself to become international law, differences in approach to the ranking method also helped boost its ranking. Faculty of Law, University of Airlangga ("FH UNAIR") is one of 7 (seven) State Universities in Indonesia and is the flagship university to be a forerunner of other universities located in eastern Indonesia. National Accreditation Board (BAN) recognizes the quality of the education system in the Faculty of Law, University of Airlangga the Accreditation "A". FH UNAIR continuously progressive and sustainable development and provide comprehensive knowledge for education and legal services. Faculty of Law will not stop the existing achievements and determined to work hard in achieving its mission.

Some of the civitas academica & alumni of the prestigious FH UNAIR namely Mrs. Halida Miljani (former Ambassador to the WTO which acts as the Chairman of the Indonesian Anti Dumping Committee (KADI)); Prof. Dr. Paul Lotulung Efendi, SH, Prof. Dr. Muchsin, SH, Moegihardjo, SH, (Chief Justice on the Supreme Court), Prof. J.E. Sahetapy (expert on criminal law and criminology), Nursyahbani Katjusungkana.

The campus is located at Jalan Ciumbuleuit 94, New York dropped one place from the year before because of differences in the approach taken by the author. The college does have an index in the low TOM, but the quality of its alumni have no doubt. Based on the top elite firm hiring, Faculty of Law Unpar third place with a score of 6.06 after FH UI (score 55.64) and FH Unpad (score 11.57). In addition to working at the law firm, alumni FH Unpar too much work in a multi national company as an in-house lawyer (legal counsel). Some famous alumni of FH Unpar is OC Kaligis, Hotman Paris Hutapea, Junimart Girsang and Frans Hendra Winarta (all of them are lawyers).

Since its establishment in 1957 until today, the Faculty of Law has been progressing with the improvement in the education system, increasing the number and quality of the teaching staff (lecturers), as well as the full increase educational facilities and infrastructure. Management of the Faculty of Law is getting better is directed to improving the quality of graduates. Judging from the output, Diponegoro University Law School has much to contribute to the development of the nation in development. Produced graduates who have spread across Indonesia by occupying positions in the bureaucracy, public and private. Contribute to the development of science, seen from the studies conducted, publication of legal science books that became standard in the development of law at the national level, as well as numerous papers in the field of law which is published periodically through magazines and scientific journals as well as through the media mass.

Some of the civitas academica & alumni of the famous FH UNDIP is Muladi, Hendarman Supandji, Purwantari Budiman, Arief Havas Oegroseno, Suryanto, Sukawi Sutarip, Murdoko, Diah Anggraini, Dr. (HC) Taufiq Effendi.

This year, the Faculty of Law, Islamic University of Indonesia ("FH UII") up the ranks to the position 7. This is due to differences in the approach taken by the author in compiling the rankings. Since 1998 until now, the faculty has always been Accreditation A. Campuses located in Yogyakarta also has alumni who reached the national level. In addition, public confidence in the Faculty of Law UII as legal education providers have no doubt. This is evidenced by the variety of cooperation that has been done, either by the government, private, professional organizations, and foreign parties. FH UII has also opened an international class and further improve the quality of human resources and facilities perkualiahan teachers. TOM indices are in a position to-5 with a score of 4.69.

Some famous alumni of FH UII is Mahfud MD, Darmono, Budi Santoso, Ari Yusuf Amir, Hamid Basyaib, Artidjo Alkostar, Maqdir Ismail, Ahmad Masduki, Henry Yosodiningrat, Suparman Marzuki, Ifdhal Kasim, Luthan Salman, Abdul Haris Semendawai, Erwin Muslim, and Busro Muqqodas.

Hasanuddin University Law School ("FH UNHAS") was officially established on March 3, 1952. At that time, still under the auspices of the University of Indonesia (UI) with the name of the Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge. Although FH UNHAS is the only accredited B School of Law with an entry in the 10 best law schools in Indonesia, but according to author, FH UNHAS worthy entry in this ranking. This is based on the results of the study authors, this law school is ranked second in national points reach or many alumni who achieve and become a national figure. In addition, the index TOM FH UNHAS also quite good because it is the best law schools in eastern Indonesia.

Some famous alumni of FH Unhas include Muhammad Alim, Laica Marzuki, Hamdan Zoelva, Arsyad Sanusi, Andi Matalatta, Hamid Awaluddin, Abraham Samad.

Faculty of Law, University of Pelita Harapan was established on 25 July 1996, initiated by Dr. (HC) Mochtar Riady. Lectures on the program activities take place at Strata The Global Campus UPH Lippo Tangerang and implemented in two languages​​, namely Bahasa Indonesian and English. In addition to the accreditation of A, Faculty of Law is also one of the FMU faculty who took part in the certification of ISO 9001:2000 Universitas Pelita Harapan on 23 April 2008. UPH Faculty of Law actively be part of some competition mootcourt (quasi judicial), both nationally and internationally. UPH Faculty of Law is one of the members of ASLI (Asian Law Institute) and has cooperated in the dual degree program with Murdoch University, Australia.

At No. 10, there Trisakti University School of Law ("FH USAKTI") which is one of the leading law schools in Indonesia. FH USAKTI down four ranks compared to previous years because of differences in the approach taken by the author in the ranking. Faculty who have been aged 45 years also has many achievements in the field of law at the national level. TOM index FH USAKTI pretty good in Indonesia society with a score of 2.47 (position-7). College campus dubbed the Reformation Heroes is also supported with adequate facilities to support students to make USAKTI FH graduates are in great demand by several prominent law firm in Jakarta. In addition to working at the law firm, alumni FH USAKTI too much work on the multi national corporations and national companies.

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