10 Keutamaan Sifat Pemaaf

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"And let not those who have their advantages and spaciousness of you swear, that they are (not) be giving (help) to the relatives (her), the poor and those who emigrate in the way of Allah, and let them forgive and overlook. Do you not love that Allah should forgive you? And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful "(Surah an-Nur [24]: 22)

This is the 10 benefit of someone who has a forgiving nature:

First, it can resolve the dispute or feud. Dispute or dispute may arise because there are those who perform deeds of others felt persecuted and tortured. If the guilty party will not apologize, and those who feel persecuted too reluctant to forgive him, then the dispute will be difficult to resolve. But with the forgiving nature of the dispute and the dispute is necessarily irreconcilable.

Second, it can eliminate hatred, envy and resentment. Hate, envy and resentment may arise because of a dispute that can not be resolved, then push the warring parties to take revenge, injure and destroy the opposition. If each party berlapangdada and sincerely want to reconcile and forgive one another, God willing, hatred, resentment and envy that would be eliminated.

Third, it can connect Silaturrahim which had been severed. Two brothers, or neighbors, could be disrupted communications, so many years did not greet each other, exchanged. In fact, the trigger may be trivial, say because of a problem child. But because they feel that they're in the right and no one wants to budge, consequently Silaturrahim between the two becomes disconnected.

Fourth, to strengthen ukhuwah Islamiyah (the unity of the people). In the lives of many Muslims are there differences in ideology and opinion, both in the field of jurisprudence and other fields. These differences are sometimes to cause conflict and collision is hard enough. So, if every Muslim to be forgiving of his brother, tolerant and respectful of different opinions that, God willing, unity and unity will be strengthened.

Fifth, forgiving it can remove hostility and multiply friends. Islam forbids hostility amongst. Instead, Islam strongly recommends building a friendship as much as possible. For that Islam advocated forgiveness and sincerity to his followers, because of the nature of genuine forgiveness that will eliminate the nature of hate and revenge, eliminate hostility and enrich friendships.

Sixth, give birth tawadu nature ', eliminating the haughty and imperious nature. Proud and arrogant nature can arise in a person, because he felt more than others, best, truest and most capable in all respects. These traits often make people reluctant to ask for forgiveness, because he never felt guilty, so he was proud to apologize, apologize even considered synonymous with humility.

Seventh, to remove sin and paves the way to heaven. God will not forgive someone and not putting it into Heaven before the first person his or her affairs in the world, anything to do with other people so that they reconcile and forgive each other.

Eighth, make the heart calm, serene. Sin is something that makes the culprit restless, uneasy. Especially if he was well aware that his actions were not true, it stands to reason, then his life will never feel at peace, every day haunted by guilt or sin. If he had apologized, and guilt forgiven by others, then his heart will be calm.

Ninth, it shall bring forth forgiveness forgiving as well. There are people who want all the mistakes be forgiven by others, while he himself was reluctant to forgive the mistakes of others. Of course others will have difficulty accepting it. If the error we want to be forgiven by others, then the first forgive the mistakes of others, surely others will forgive our mistakes.

Tenth, it's forgiving nature is part of the propaganda strategy of telling. So powerful Quraish against the Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims. Muslims in those days, were harassed, tortured and even killed. However, when the Muslims had mastered Mecca and the Arabian Peninsula, the Prophet Muhammad immediately declared general amnesty, forgive all the mistakes all the unbelievers of Quraysh. The Prophet's actions, it makes them touched and moved, so then they converted to Islam in droves.

"Be thou forgiveness, command what is doing good, and turn away from the people who are stupid", (QS. Al-A'raf 7:199). "The properties are either not given but to those who are patient and not given it to people who have a big advantage", (QS. Al-Fushilat 41:35)
Shodaqolloohul adheem ...

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