10 Keutamaan Sholat Subuh Berjama'ah

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Among the existing prayers, morning prayer is the start day. He is the most important prayer is to be kept correct execution, because not everyone can be consistent, even praying hard for these hypocrites.

"Prayers are most severe for the hypocrites are 'Isha' and dawn prayers" (HR.Ahmad)

Morning prayer in congregation is a measure of the extent of honesty and faith of a Muslim. In an authentic history that Ibn `Umar used to say:

"When we do not see someone in the morning or evening prayer, 'we immediately prejudiced him."

This is reasonable, given other than prayers morning and evening can be done by anyone with ease because it coincided with the time at work and awake. Therefore no one can consistently maintain the 'Isha' and dawn in congregation than the faithful who expected no good came of it.

Due to the above, so many good qualities gained from the dawn prayer in congregation, among them:

1. Morning prayer is a factor though sezuhud dilapangkannya rizkiSeorang servant of any kind and is not concerned with world affairs, he was glad that the field rizkinya self-sufficient at least to save face from the baseness of begging. And by God to accomplish this is by obeying God's way.

Once upon a morning prayer when Prophet Muhammad. Once finished, he went back to the house and found his daughter Fatimah ra was sleeping. So he was turned away with his feet Fatimah, and said to him: "O Fatima, wake up and see good luck for your Lord God dispenses His servants rizki between dawn and sunrise prayers."

This does not mean people performing dawn prayers certainly go home with a bag full of money, but the question is that obedience to God by means keeping to continue istiqomah the dawn prayer in congregation will bring taufik from a servant of God that will get the pleasure and the straightness of his Lord which in turn he will spend the rest of the day in aid and ease of Allah in its affairs.

"Those who have fear of Allah, He will make her way out. And give him good luck from unexpected directions, but thought "(QS.Ath THALAQ: 2-3)

2. Morning prayers guard against a Muslim "Whoever prayed at dawn then he is in the assurance of God, lest God withdraw His assurance from you with any cause. Because whoever Allah guarantees him pull away from it in any cause, must be uprooted. Then Allah will face in hell jahannam telungkupkan. "(HR.Muslim)

The meaning is in the assurance of God is in the shelter, care, and maintenance of his. Really it all is a blessing, that if overshadow us, then all the pain turns into hope. Really it's all the tenderness of God, which if it falls to us will be able to make the fire cool and peaceful. That wisdom, glory, and an invincible will. If he comes, able to transform an enemy into a loyal friend, and be able to change a wild lion into a submissive cat.

3. Morning prayer at the prayer of the night last night suntukAlangkah virtues God has given to this people. The first time, Allah enjoined night prayers in God's word that means: "O ye who covered wake up to pray at night except a little" (QS.Al Muzzammil: 1-2)

After that Allah remove the command as a form of palliation in His word in QS.Al Muzzammil: 20.

After waive night prayers, God is still set for our virtues as the following hadith: "He who perform 'Isha' in congregation then prayed the night he was like half the night. And whosoever perform dawn prayer in congregation then he was like a full night's evening prayer. "(HR.Muslim)

So try not to squander this golden opportunity. Therefore, there are scholars who memakruhkan staying up too late at night, although to read the Koran or praying the night if it will not result in the implementation of well-dawn prayers. But do not misunderstand me, the righteous ones always perform 'Isha' and dawn in congregation, but they remain vibrant without stopping the night praying.

4. Benchmarks morning prayer of faith do not believe people who claim to know the degree of hard-hard faith, he just measure it with a morning prayer to find out whether he included dishonest or lie in the faith, whether he believed in the sincerity or riya '.

Rasulullah SAW said: "Prayer for the toughest hypocrites are 'Isha' and Fajr. Yet if they knew the reward in both prayers, although of course they will come to crawl. "(HR.Ahmad)

5. Morning prayer is the savior of hell. The Prophet SAW said, "Not going to hell, people who perform the prayer before sunrise and before sinking." (HR.Muslim)

This is the decree of the Prophet is noble, who maintains that the implementation of the Asr prayer at dawn and then he will go to hell by Allah SWT.

6. Morning prayer is the cause of people go to heaven. The Prophet SAW said, "Who would carry out two bardain he prayed to heaven" (HR.Bukhari).

Bardain prayer is Asr prayer and dawn. Called Al Bardain (two winter time) because they held cold at noon, on both ends of the afternoon when the atmosphere of calm and no blistering heat.

7.  Morning prayers will bring blessings be able to see the glorious face of God "When the inhabitants of Paradise have entered Paradise. God said, 'Do you want me to give you extra? "They said,' Would not you have whitened our faces? Would not you have put us into Paradise? And you saved us from hell? 'Messenger of Allah said, "Then the curtain opened, it is no longer favors greater pleasure than to see their Rabb. This was an additional pleasure. "Then he read the letter Yunus: 26 which means:" For people who do good there is the best reward jannah and enhancements. "(HR.Muslim)

8. Morning prayer is a Shahadah in particular to maintain a consistent "angels accompany you during the turns with the angels of the night, and they gathered at dawn and Asr prayer after the angel of the night to keep you up to the sky. Then God said to them - and he knew more about them -, 'How did you leave my servants? "They said,' We leave the state they are in our prayers and come to them when they pray '" (HR.Bukhari)

9. Morning prayer is the key to victory "The Messenger when about to invade a people, he put it off until it was dawn." (Bukhari)

Narrated after the outbreak of the Egyptian-Israeli war of 1973 there is an Egyptian army soldiers who were to speak to the Jews who knew Arabic.

Egyptian army said, "By Allah, we will fight and beat you up any of you who hide behind trees and rocks, and tree and stone say, 'O servant of Allah, O Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, to and let's kill him! '"

Jewish soldiers replied, "All that will not happen before the dawn prayer with you guys Friday prayers."

10. Regarding the two rak'ahs sunnah prayers before dawn Prophet said, "Two rak was more to my liking than the whole world." (HR.Muslim)

May we become aware of the importance of morning prayers.

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