10 Manfaat Gerakan Shalat

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Obligatory five daily prayers. In addition to closer to the Almighty, praying also provide peace of soul and mind. But has it ever occurred to you that every movement of the prayers is a repository of medicine to cure all ills?

Let's check, what are the benefits provided from each movement.


1. Takburatul Ihram
POSITION: Stand up straight, raise both arms parallel to the ear, and then folded in front of the abdomen or lower chest.

BENEFITS: Smooth flow of blood, lymph and arm muscle strength. Position in the heart of the brain allows blood to flow smoothly throughout the body. When held up both hands, stretch the shoulder muscles so that the flow of oxygen-rich blood into lancar.Kemudian didekapkan hands in front of the abdomen or lower chest. This avoids the attitude of various joint disorders, especially in the upper body.


2. Rukuk
POSITION: perfect bow marked a straight spine so that when placed on the back glass of water is not going to spill. Head position with the spine straight.

BENEFITS: This posture is to maintain the perfection of the position and function of the spine (vertebrae corpus) as a buffer body and central nervous system. The position of the heart parallel to the brain, the maximal blood flow in the middle of the body. Hands resting on his knees to function relaxation for the muscles of the shoulder to bottom. In addition, the bow is the practice of urine to prevent prostate problems.

3. I'tidal
POSITION: Wake up from the bow, the body back upright after, raised both hands as high as the ears.

BENEFITS: Ftidal is a variation of posture after bowing and before prostration. The motion was standing hunched standing bow is an exercise of good digestion. Organs of the digestive organs in the abdominal massage and relaxation experience in turn. In effect, the digestion becomes lebihlancar.


4. Sujud
POSITION: prostrate by putting both hands, knees, toes, and forehead on the floor.

BENEFITS: The flow of lymph is pumped into the neck and armpits. Position in the heart of the brain causing an oxygen-rich blood can flow up into the brain. This flow effect on a person's intellect. Therefore, do prostrations with tumaâninah, do not be hasty rush of blood to be sufficient capacity in the brain. This posture also avoid disruption of hemorrhoids. Especially for women, both bowing and prostration has tremendous benefits for fertility and health of the female organs.

5. Sitting Between the two Sujud
POSITION: Sitting there are two kinds, namely iftirosy (tahiyyat early) and tawarruk (tahiyyat end). The difference lies in the position of the feet.

BENEFITS: When iftirosy, we rely on the groin that is connected with nerve nerve Ischiadius. This position to avoid pain in the groin which often causes the sufferer unable to walk. Tawarruk sit very well for him because the heel to suppress your bladder (urethra), male sex glands (prostate) and vas deferens channels. If done. correctly, posture irfi prevent impotence. Variations in the position of your feet and tawarruk iffirosy cause the entire leg muscles also stretch and then relax again. Harmonic motion and pressure to maintain this. flexibility and power of the organs of our movement.

6. Salam
POSITION: Rotate your head to the right and left to the fullest.

 BENEFITS: Relax the muscles around the neck and head improve blood flow in the head. This movement prevents headaches and keep the firmness wajah.Beribadah, continuous not only nourish the faith, but the women beautify themselves outside and inside.

In addition, there is another prayer nih excess of movement

7. Spur Intelligence
Prostration in prayer movement is classified as a human unik.Falsafahnya bowed as low, even lower than his own ass. From the standpoint of the science of psychoneuroimmunology (the science of the body's immune from the psychological point of view) to be explored Prof. Sholeh, this movement led man to the highest degree. Why? By doing the prostration on a regular basis, the blood vessels in the brain is trained to accept a lot of blood supply. At the time prostrate, heart position is above the head which allows maximum blood flow to the brain. That means, the brain get oxygen-rich blood supply to stimulate the cells. In other words, prostration which could spur continuous tumakninah and intelligence. His research has received recognition from Harvard Universitry, USA. Even an American doctor who is not familiar with Islamic states secretly researching a special development of the motion of prostration.

8. Beautify Posture
Movements in a prayer similar to yoga or stretching (stretching). The point is to stretch the body and blood circulation. Advantages compared to other movements are prayers prayed more limbs move, including the toes and fingers. Prostration is the power to exercise certain muscles, including muscles of the chest. When prostrate, upper body weight on your arms up ditumpukan palms. When this occurs in the pectoral muscle contraction, the body part to be pride of women. Breast is not only a more beautiful shape, but also improve the function of the milk glands in it.

9. Make it easy for Childbirth
Still in the bow pose, other benefits can be enjoyed by women. When the hips and waist lifted beyond the head and chest, abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis and Obliquus externuus abdominis) full contract. This condition is trained around the abdominal organs to push deeper and longer. This is advantageous because the woman in labor needs a good breath and pushing capabilities are sufficient. If, your abdominal muscles have become larger and stronger, so naturally it was more elastic. Prostrate habit can cause the body to restore and maintain the abdominal organs back into place (fixation).

10. Improfing Fertility
Once the bow is seated movement. In prayer there are two kinds of posture, the sitting iftirosy (tahiyyat early) and sat tawarruk (tahiyyat end). The important thing is also berkontraksinya perineum muscles. For women, this is the most protected area because there are three holes, the hole persenggamaan, anus to remove dirt, and urinary tract. When sitting tawarruk, left heel should press the perineum. Your back foot should be placed on the heel of your left foot and right foot should press the right groin. In this position! This will massage the heel of left foot and push the perineum. This gentle pressure to improve the reproductive organs in the perineal area.

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